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What to write to create unique baby shower favors

You’ve found the perfect thank you gift to give your guests: it’s unique, it’s affordable, it has a great design that you love and you’re sure your guests will love it. Now you need to personalize them. But what should you write on them? These baby shower favors are intended to remind your guests about the wonderful time they had at your shower. Unfortunately, you are limited to the number of lines and characters that the vendor can fit on a personalized label. So you really need to make the space you have count.

Before we get into some examples there are a few tips to make your personalized favors look good. Remember to proofread any personalization whether it’s for invitations, favors or games.

  • Use capitalization. Capitalize the first letter of each word.
  • Check spelling, especially of mom-to-be’s name. Vendors won’t know the correct spelling of mom-to-be’s name so we wouldn’t know how to correct it.
  • Use spaces properly. When you try to squish as many characters as you can on a line it just doesn’t look right.
  • Look at the design to see if any words are included. Our “She’s about to Pop” favors include that phrase so you don’t have to include it again.

You can keep it simple. This means just mom-to-be’s name and the shower date. This is the most popular wording for a favor that can have two lines of text. For example:

Line 1: Monica’s Baby Shower

Line 2: July 12, 2015

Another option is to write “Thank You” instead of the shower date. It would look like this:

Line 1: Monica’s Baby Shower

Line 2: Thank You

Or you can also write Thank You this way:

        Line 1: Thank You

        Line 2: March 29, 2015

This has been the trend in creating unique baby shower favors. It may not seem as difficult as originally thought, but you can easily create a custom souvenir for your guests to take home. Think about it….you’ve chosen a design, a color scheme, pattern (if applicable), the favor itself and personalized text. It wasn’t difficult to do but no one else will have this favor. It will truly be unique.

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