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What makes a baby shower game fun?

Want your guests to have a great time?  Have a diverse group you need to please? 

It’s hard when you host a party and everyone has different ideas of what fun is.

That’s why I’m here to help. There are four things to look for in a baby shower game to make sure everyone has a good time and to make it easy to plan.

  1. You have enough to do with a shower.  Keep the games simple!  The less preparation needed for a game the better. Your time is valuable don’t waste it with a lot of prep work.
  2. You want to choose a game that will appeal to all ages. If you choose a game that only a certain age group will find funny or entertaining then you’re going to have some bored guests.
  3. Choose a game that is easy to play. There are lots of things going on at a baby shower. If a game becomes overly complicated your guests may lose interest. This is also true of games that occur while something else is happening, such as playing gift bingo while watching mom-to-be open her gifts.
  4. What I feel is the most important thing about a baby shower game is that it shouldn’t be embarrassing for anyone to play or embarrassing for mom-to-be. Who has fun when they’re embarrassed? The point of a baby shower is to have a good time, not count the minutes until it’s over. If you think your guests may be embarrassed by a game just avoid it. There are so many options out there that you’ll find a game that everyone can enjoy.

Think about what you would want and create that for your guests.  Because we know what makes the best shower, we only offer games that meet this criteria.  That’s why we don’t have baby shower games that require a lot of prep work (if any at all), appeal to all ages and are easy to play. Get the hottest games at the best prices! Plus, we offer free shipping on our baby shower games



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