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What is a Baby Shower?


A baby shower is a celebration of the impending birth of a child. Guests generously "shower" the mom-to-be with gifts to help her prepare for her baby. This tradition has become a wonderful way for family and friends to help the mom-to-be defray the costs of purchasing baby items which can be quite daunting for first-time parents. Such celebrations are so popular that gift registries are very common these days, allowing the couple to create a custom-tailored "wish-list" much like they had done prior to their wedding! (Such information is often included on baby shower invitations out of convenience for the guests). Additionally, specialty companies, such as www.babyshowerdepot.com have incorporated in recent years to make organizing such celebrations virtual "one-stop shops" for everything one would need to host a baby shower.

Traditional baby showers feature food, drinks, games, and, of course, gifts for the mom-to-be and generally take place at restaurants or the home. Most baby showers last from two (2) to four (4) hours. During that time, guests eat, play games (or participate in other activities), and watch the mom-to-be open her gifts. Guests are usually sent home with small, personal tokens of thanks, known as baby shower favors.

Baby showers are primarily celebrated in the United States and Canada. However, more countries around the globe are beginning to celebrate baby showers by intertwining their own traditions with those commonly celebrated in North America. However, don’t be surprised should a friend or neighbor who is expecting not celebrate an impending birth with a shower… There are still some cultures that believe celebrating the baby before he or she is born is "bad luck" for varying reasons, be they cultural, religious, or otherwise. So remember, please be mindful and respectful of other people’s beliefs and traditions should this be the case.

Many rules of etiquette concerning baby showers have been changing over the years. For example, traditional baby showers saw women as the only guests. Nowadays, co-ed showers have become increasingly popular as more and more men have assumed greater roles in child care and rearing compared to just 25 years ago. As a result, they are invited to share in the impending birth of their child just as much as the mother is!

Nobody can deny the excitement and symbolism the birth of a baby brings regardless of where one lives on Earth. Thomas Balmès and Alain Chabat even made a film, released in 2010, that followed the first year of four children from vastly different places around the globe. Titled Babies, this film grossed over $7 million dollars in the United States despite the fact that nearly everyone has seen a baby before! People just love babies… It truly is one of the universal similarities amongst us all!


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