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Whose Shower Is It Anyway?

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Remember that episode in Sex and the City - the one where Miranda didn't want a baby shower and tried to reign Charlotte in as she planned the event? Miranda stood her ground, she didn't want anything cutesy, she didn't want little sandwiches with no crusts. She wanted a bucket of chicken and some friends. No games. No storks. No "oohing and ahhing" as she opened gifts.

She wanted a shower the fit her personality!

It makes me wonder how many moms-to-be feel that way? How many don't want the cutesy typical shower but keep quiet since they appreciate their friends/family hosting the event for them?

Are you planning the shower you know the mom-to-be will want or are you planning the shower YOU would want?

You are the host and you should have fun planning it but you also want to be sure the shower represents the tastes and preferences of the Mommy-to-be. There are so many ways you can decorate and so many themes to choose from, don't stick the mom with storks and ducks and flowers if she wants "business mom" stylings. Think about what you know about the Mom, look at the clothes and toys she may have already bought, look at her personal clothing style. Look at her home.Pay attention to what she likes to eat and create the perfect theme for her.

It may not look like a typical shower but that's OK. The other guests will immediately notice and appreciate how you captured the preferences and tastes of the guest of honor perfectly.

With limitless ideas on Pinterest and so many favors, décor and food options, you can create anything you can imagine. Have fun with it and take some time to review ideas before you start buying and commit to a theme that may not be right.

The decorations, food, games, invitations and overall tone of the event should be consistent, so develop your action plan before you start buying. If you need help figuring out how to do this and where to begin, check out my brand new guide The Definitive Guide to Planning a Baby Shower.


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