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Tiffany Blue Baby Shower

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Hosting a Tiffany & Co. themed baby shower is easier than you think. The hardest part is finding the right shade of blue (a.k.a. Tiffany blue). You can create so many wonderful decorations, favors and desserts that will compliment this theme and won't break the bank. 


Tiffany Blue Ombre BalloonsAren't these Tiffany blue ombre balloons beautiful? When latex balloons are bunched together in bouquets or arches they look so elegant. This is a simple and affordable decoration that won't leave your guests guessing as to what the baby shower theme is.

You can find aqua tulle and decorate the tables with a tulle table skirt. Use pearls as decorations. Paint mason jars Tiffany blue and use them as vases for fresh flowers (white hydrangeas would be lovely). The possibilities are endless. The main thing is to get the blue right and there's no doubt that this is a Tiffany & Co. baby shower.

Balloon Photo Credit: Jean Spencer Photography


Tiffany blue ombre cake

Another ombre effect used in a dessert. Heather from Where the young learn to fly has a great lemon cake recipe with fresh raspberry filling. She has a pretty easy tutorial on assembling the cake and creating the ombre effect with icing. It's a beautiful cake and so easy to do. It's sure to impress your guests. 

A candy bar would look wonderful in different shades of aqua. Fill apothecary jars with blue candies, decorate the table with pearls, aqua boxes tied with white ribbon/bows, rhinestones or white hydrangeas (have I mentioned them before? They are my favorite flower.). Use aqua colored boxes (or place boxes under the tablecloth) to create different heights for presenting your desserts or candy bar.


There are so many options for favors. Again, the main thing is to find that perfect shade of aqua. If you can find that, then the favors are easy. We offer three different chocolate wrapper favors: full size candy bar wrappers (fits 7 different types of candy bars), mini candy bar wrappers and Hershey's Kisses labels in the Baby & Co. theme, grab these now because you don't want to miss out on the perfect favor, in the perfect color at the perfect price (favors are 15% off MSRP). Each can be personalized making your favor truly unique.

Tiffany Blue Baby Shower Theme


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