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The Not So Cutesy Baby Shower

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If you've been checking out Pinterest for baby shower planning ideas then you've already seen how many adorable baby themed ideas are available. But what about moms-to-be who aren't into having cutesy baby shower? You may be left with a dilemma: planning a shower to honor mom-to-be and her wishes, while giving guests what they want in a baby shower.

I'm one of those people. Sure, baby things are cute but my style happens to be casual, practical and definitely not cutesy. When it comes to designs for games or favors I lean toward nature and animals rather than storks and baby feet.

Baby Shower Ideas

No one says that you have to have a baby-related theme. Leave out the baby blocks, storks and baby rattles. You don't need to stick with a pink or blue color scheme either. You can still have a theme that is based on nature, the baby's nursery, mom-to-be's interests or favorite colors without being over the top cute. Remember, you're not only celebrating the baby that's on the way, but mom-to-be's new role as mommy so it's OK to go with what she likes.

Is mom-to-be insisting on keeping the baby shower low-key? What about a baby shower at home? You're limited to the number of people that can be invited by the space you have. You can have it catered, cook your own buffet spread or have a barbecue.

If you want to have a baby shower at a restaurant or banquet hall you can have a classy decor without the baby theme. Create a tablescape with flowers, tablecloths or runners and tableware. Use colors and patterns, such as stripes or polka dots when selecting items for the table.

Your guests may be expecting baby shower games. They don't have to be traditional or cutesy at all. In fact, you can have activities that guests participate in instead of a traditional game like baby bingo or don't say "baby". Keepsakes like advice cards, decorated bibs or onesies, or guessing baby's gender or date of birth are fun things to do during a baby shower.

With a little planning it can be easy to plan a baby shower that's not overly cute, but still gives mom-to-be and guests what they're expecting.


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