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Clothesline Baby Shower Theme


Clothesline Baby Shower Theme InvitationPutting together a baby shower theme doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple things like colors or even baby clothes can be a theme. Even though most modern moms use clothes dryers today, a baby clothesline baby shower theme is an adorable idea for any gender. There are quite a few clothesline baby shower favor ideas if you search online. You can also buy clothesline themed decorations or you can make your own.

If you are able to attach a piece of twine or ribbon to a wall you can create the following decoration: tie bows at the end of the twine, leaving a loop to attach to the wall. Tape probably won't be strong enough to hold. Either use removable hooks or tack it to the wall. Have 2-4 special people, such as grandmas, godmother, sisters, etc. buy a baby outfit. Use clothespins to attach it to the clothesline.

Decorate a cake for dessert – Ice your cake smooth. You will need an outline tip (#3 or 4), a star tip (#21) and a grass tip (#233). Use cookie cutters in the shape of baby clothes to make imprints on the cake. You can use different cookie cutters (onesies, bibs, booties, etc.) or you can use one style of cookie cutter and decorate them differently. The size of your cookie cutters depends on the size of your cake. Use the outline tip in the color you are going to decorate the outfit to outline the imprint. Fill in the outfit using the star tip. Use the outline tip again to create a clothesline on the top of the outfits. Use a grass icing tip to create grass under the clothesline.

Baby Shower Favors - Give each guest a onesie cookie cutter wrapped in cellophane. Tie with a colorful ribbon to match your gender specific colors. Add a personalized favor tag. Another option is to give each guest home baked onesie shaped cookies.

Decorate a Diaper Cake – Make or buy a plain diaper cake. Tie a slender ribbon, about ½” wide, around the diaper cake. You can make a bow in the front or the back. Purchase smaller baby clothing, such as booties, caps, mittens, lap shirts, etc. Attach them to the diaper cake using clothespins. If you can find clothespins that are smaller than the standard wooden pins that would look better.

Centerpieces - use wicker bread baskets that look like wicker laundry baskets to hold fresh flowers, baby sock bouquets, or favors for guests. If you put fresh flowers make sure you use a plastic or glass bowl so the basket doesn’t get wet.

Baby Shower Game – Decorating onesies or lapshirts. This is my favorite activity. Set out one or two sets of fabric markers at each guest table or a designated decorating table. Each guest gets a onesie or lapshirt. Make sure you buy various sizes for these items. Let your guests create works of art for baby to wear. This activity is great if mommy to be is expecting twins or triplets.

Clothesline Game – hang at least 2 clotheslines or twine in the game area. Have an equal number of baby clothes for each player and clothespins. Players race to see who can hang up the most baby clothes first. Clothes can include cloth diapers, burp cloths, onesies, booties, etc. You determine how many winners there are. If you want one winner players keep playing against the last winner until only one remains.

Combine the baby clothesline theme with colors or baby icons. For example, pink and green clothes, a onesie party, or anything with teddy bears on them. With a little creativity you can take a simple baby shower theme and make it simply elegant.


By: Christina Crea


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