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Pinterest Board of the Week: Earth Day Books for Kids

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Earth Day Books for Kids

In honor of Earth Day we've added some Kids Books for Earth Day pins on our Books for Kids Pinterest board. Not only is it important to read to children at an early age (babies aren't too young to enjoy being read to), but it's also important to teach our children to love and respect our Earth and her resources.

Don't think babies are too young to receive books as gifts. My kids are 1, 4 and 10. They get books for holidays, birthdays and we go to the library. You just need to find a book appropriate for their age. For my 1 year old I try to get her board books. She unintentionally rips paper books. My 4 year old still has some books he received at my baby shower. Some guests wrote sweet notes to him about how their kids loved this book or how the book reminds them of something (like the beach).

It is our responsibility to teach our children to take care of the planet we live on. This is their home and they need to treat it with respect and love. These books help us to teach them just that.

For more ideas for kids' gifts or baby showers follow us on Pinterest here. To view our Kid's Books Board click here.


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