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It's a Jungle Out There!

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Jungle Baby Shower Theme

Jungle animals never go out of style when it comes to baby nurseries and baby shower themes. They're cute and these jungle babies are wild. A jungle baby shower theme has fun colors, patterns and adorable animals. They represent a bold, adventurous personality. While fierce in the wild the animals in a jungle theme are full of cuteness.

There are some cute ideas floating around on Pinterest. When it comes to food you can find some cute jungle themed ideas. I prefer to leave those to kids parties where they are appreciated more by the kids. Personally, I wouldn't expect to attend a baby shower and be served Little Debbie Zebra Cakes. For adult parties there are other ways to incorporate the baby shower theme. For example, there are so many duct tape prints available at craft stores. We wrapped water bottles in a zebra and cheetah print duct tape. This was so easy to do and guests don't have to find the "watering hole" punch.

Jungle Safari Baby Shower Theme

Another way to use presentation to decorate is to wrap your cutlery in napkins then use ribbons to decorate. We used plastic cutlery in an ivory color and green paper napkins. We wrapped them in a jute ribbon, then with a narrow zebra printed ribbon. Again, craft stores are full of different color prints and you can coordinate your ribbon to a color theme for a boy or girl. This DIY task wasn't very difficult, but it was time consuming. You also need to make sure you have enough ribbon to complete the number of place settings needed. 

Personalized Jungle Safari Baby Shower Invitations

The jungle baby shower theme is a great theme for gender neutral showers. While you can find pink or purple animal prints and invitations, I love the look of a natural color scheme. It reminds me of a nature show you'd find on Animal Planet. This is why our jungle baby shower invitations feature a bright, grassy green color and the lion, giraffe, monkey and elephant all have a rich, brown tones. It makes me think of a savannah during the rainy season.

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Jungle Baby Shower Theme Ideas


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