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How to make your baby shower favors unique

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Candy Baby Shower Favors

So you're hosting a baby shower and you really want it to be a memorable one for everyone, especially for mom-to-be. One way is to have unique baby shower favors. Ask yourself, what make a favor unique?

Unique Baby Shower Favors - Hand Sanitizer

Being unique doesn't mean anything complicated. Forget generic pink "It's a girl" or blue "It's a boy" favors that you can find in a craft store. Personalization is key here. I'm not just talking

about what you write. Personalized baby shower favors have your own message, colors and graphics chosen by you. Not only that, the favors themselves are unique as well. 

A unique favor is something that you can't just walk into a store to buy. That's the beauty of the internet. You now have unique favors and designs at your fingertips. To make your favors unique you need to:

  • Choose your favors. There are many categories of favors: edible favors, candles, lip balms, drink mixes and more.
  • Choose your colors. These will most likely be based on the baby's gender, but could also be mom-to-be's favorite colors too. (i.e. if she's having a girl she may prefer purple to pink)
  • Choose your design. There are so many graphics available that you can add to your personalized favors. From animals to traditional baby designs (carriages, rubber duckies, baby blocks) to modern designs (little man, nautical, going to pop) you can find a baby shower theme that mom-to-be will love.
  • Choose your message. Here's where you really get personal. It can be as simple as mom-to-be's name and date of the shower or more personal like a quote.


Keeping these four things in mind and taking the time to tailor the favors to mom-to-be's likes and theme your baby shower favors are just one step to making this baby shower unique and memorable.

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