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Greening Your Baby Shower

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What to look for when planning a "Green" baby shower

Few buzzwords used throughout any form of media have the attention-getting impact that words focusing on Eco-Friendliness or Eco-Conscious do, and for good reason… We are in a renaissance of sorts regarding taking care of our beloved Earth and many people, from scientists to ordinary citizens, are doing their part to undo a century of neglect. You can do your part as well, even when planning and purchasing for a baby shower!

One of the most exciting things to do is order the invitations and announcements. While the most eco-conscious option is to keep the entire affair digital and paper free, many family members and friends enjoy keeping the invitation as a keepsake… A printed invite just won’t suffice here. When ordering invitations, specify paper with a post-consumer recycled fiber content of 100%. This means it is completely made from recycled material. Ink selection can also be chosen with the environment in mind. Choosing inks that are high in vegetable oil (such as linseed) or soy can be a greener alternative to older products.

Why Wildflowers are a Green Choice

Wildflowers! These wonders of nature are at once beautiful, functional, and eco-conscious. We offer wildflower seed packets with a wide variety of customized packaging options to serve as the perfect favor gift for your guests.

Speaking of gifts, it is possible to select options that have more organic material than those that are typically commercially available. Baby Shower Depot offers a number of fantastic, eco-friendly options bound to make Mother Nature smile. Our popular Ladybug Roly Poly and Bee Roly Poly dolls are constructed from bamboo and corn fibers, making them both natural and biodegradable! The new baby will also love the truly altruistic intentions of our Blonde Baby Doll Rattle, a machine washable, organic cotton and corn fiber product that also sees some of its proceeds go towards funding breast cancer research.

There are many more options available at Baby Shower Depot, so visit us today and see why we’ve been THE choice for baby shower gifts, favors, and more 10 years running! All of our unique baby shower favors AND trendy baby shower invitations are 15% off MSRP, including our green options!


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