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Gender Reveal Party

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A fun way to find out baby's gender

So you’ve already told your family and friends that you’re expecting. You want to announce the baby’s gender in a unique way. It’s time to plan a gender reveal party.

Gender Reveal Party

So how do you throw a gender reveal party? Well, when you go for the ultrasound you have the technician or doctor put the gender results in a sealed envelope. From here there are different ways to reveal the baby's gender. You then bring the envelope to your favorite baker. They will make a cake with a pink or blue filling. Once you cut into the cake you and everyone at the party will know the baby’s gender. Or you can fill a box with either pink or blue balloons. If you want it to be a surprise for you as well, then you will have someone do this for you.

It’s up to you to decide how involved you want this party to be. Just cake and coffee or dinner and dessert. If the weather is nice you can have an outside party.

This party is usually separate from a baby shower. Guests may feel that a gift is appropriate, but the gender reveal party is to let close family and friends know if you’re having a boy or girl. Putting baby registry information on the invite is not appropriate. Save that for the baby shower.

While a gender reveal is a unique way to tell family and friends if you’re having a boy or girl personally I don’t know if I would be able to wait to find out. I would probably have to find out and know what is in the cake before everyone else at the party.

Did you know we have a Pinterest board dedicated to gender reveal ideas? We’ve found some great ideas other than the traditional cake gender reveal to share your baby news with friends and family. Follow our Gender Reveal Pinterest board here.


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