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Co-hosting a Baby Shower

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Planning a baby shower with others

Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be a daunting task, especially if you haven't done it before or if you're unorganized. Co-hosting a baby shower is a great idea to split the tasks and costs with one or more people. 

Most family baby showers are planned by relatives - sisters, cousins, sisters-in-laws and sometimes even Grandmas-to-be. Dividing the planning tasks as well as the costs of the shower is a great way to get others involved, ease planning stress and host a baby shower that mom-to-be will remember.

One of the first things you should do is to figure out who will be involved in planning. Try to keep the number of people involved short. Anything over three people starts to get a little crazy with the planning process. Some people will volunteer to help, but you may know of a talent that someone has that you'd like to tap into (i.e. baking, cooking, crafts, etc). It would be OK to ask them for help, but be specific as to what you would like done and how you would contribute to it (supplying materials, ingredients, money, etc). Once you have a list of people involved it would be a great idea to have a list of things to be done and hold a meeting. At your meeting you should come up with a budget, assign a percentage of the budget to certain items (food usually takes a large portion of the budget), and ask the planners to choose what tasks they would like. If there are unassigned tasks assign them to planners who don't have a lot on their plate. You don't want to have one person doing very little and another planning nearly the entire shower. Make sure you have deadlines as to when tasks should be complete. You don't want to have any loose ends within a week or two of the baby shower. It will create a stressful situation for all the co-hosts involved if someone drops the ball and the rest of you are scrambling.

Problems may arise during planning from pushy personalities; miscommunication about money, time frames or ideas; or co-hosts who don't follow through. To help eliminate these potential problems make sure you have a lead host. This person will be in charge of all master lists, follow through with other co-hosts as to time frames & budget, be able to diffuse any arguments should they arise. The lead host will organize planning meetings as needed.

Finally, when you are ready to send out the invitations be sure to include all the co-hosts names on the invite. You would say something like "hosted by Mary, Angela and Karen". This way everyone gets recognition for their part in the shower and hurt feelings are avoided.


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