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Celebrity baby shower like Haylie Duff. Learn how to throw one yourself.

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Hilary Duff & her mom, Susan Colleen, hosted a baby shower for her sister Haylie. Have you seen the pics? This baby shower screams spring and fun! Flowers, sweet drinks, desserts and don’t forget the ice cream! This baby shower doesn’t look difficult to put together.

Decorations: flowers, flowers and more flowers. There were flowers everywhere. Flowers in tin pails and mason jars. They were beautifully displayed on and inside wooden crates. Some crates were draped in burlap. There so many varieties of flowers that it looked like a display at a farmers market. And, there were even flower crowns for everyone to wear.

Drinks: Water, Sweet Teas & Lemonade in large pitchers. Mason jars filled with paper straws. And champagne….don’t forget the champagne.

Food: This was a dessert party. Cake pops, cupcakes and cakes. They also had ice cream. Wooden spoons gave a vintage feel.

This was a very simple baby shower with about 40 guests. It was hosted in Hilary’s backyard. It just goes to show you that something as simple as flowers can make an event fabulous.


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