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Buying Personalized Baby Shower Invitations Online

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Personalized baby shower invitations set the tone for a beautiful and special shower. Your guests enjoy seeing something a little different and the mom-to-be is touched by your efforts! 

Searching online for personalized invitations will often take you to an Etsy store. BUT they are not the only site who offer unique baby shower invitations at great prices. Did you know we offer a unique selection of baby shower invitations that are always discounted 15% off MSRP? Plus, you can stack that savings with a quantity discount. Can't beat that! 

With our site you don't have to worry about taking your downloaded invites to a printer who may not print them due to licensing issues (that happens more often than sellers let on & I know, because it happened to me and I often hear from other shower hosts who are experiencing it too). You also have to worry about what type of paper to have them printed on, where to get envelopes, etc. 

Our invitations are printed for you on quality cardstock and envelopes are included. No need to buy a box of 100 from the office supply store for a few dozen invitations. Plus, you don't have to waste your time running to the printer and either dropping off your files with them or waiting for the printing to be done for you. Our invitations show up at your door. 

Many custom designed invitations don't allow edits and I've also heard the occasional horror story about typos that the designer wouldn't fix. Make sure you know what you are getting into! 

Planning a baby shower is a lot of work and it can get expensive. I started BabyShowerDepot because I wanted to offer a solution that is both affordable and convenient and trustworthy! 

You are going to encounter little glitches and problems along the way, when you plan a special event, it typically happens. Do everything you can to avoid them and set the tone right by starting with cost effective and convenient invitations!

Buying Personalized Baby Shower Invitations Online


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