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Buying a Diaper Cake - It's not all about the looks

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A few things to consider when buying a diaper cake.

Butterfly Baby Shower Diaper Cake

A diaper cake is a great baby gift. Whether you bring it to a baby shower or you have it sent to the new parents' home it is a practical gift (babies use a LOT of diapers) presented in a unique way. You may think that all you need to do is find one that looks nice, but there's a little bit more to buying a diaper cake.

First, what diapers are being used? Are you ok giving a gift that are made with generic diapers? What size will be used? Will it be a smaller size that can be used right away? A newborn size that baby may outgrow or even be born too large for? Or a larger size that mom may forget that she had saved in a closet waiting for baby to grow into? One of the advantages of a diaper cake is that you allow mom to receive diaper brands that she may not have and she can see if it works well on her baby.

Second, how the diaper cake is put together. Some diaper cakes are made from individually rolled diapers; others are made by layering the diapers. Personally, I prefer the layered look, which is why I make my diaper cakes that way. However, as a person who has received the rolled up diaper cake version, it can be tedious to take them apart. I had my son 5 weeks early and it was a pain to unroll those diapers as a new mom. For me, I had to unroll all of those diapers before my son outgrew the sizes. Don't get me wrong, the gift, effort and thought was appreciated.

Third, if you're OK with rolled diapers are they held together with rubber bands? This is only a concern if one of the parents has a latex allergy.

Fourth, does the diaper cake you're thinking about come with lotions, blankets, bibs, etc? Find out what brands they are. There are some people who make diaper cakes using items you can buy at the dollar store. This is usually to keep costs down, but may not be practical for parents to be to use if the items are not good quality.

Looking for the perfect baby diaper cake can be fun as there are many adorable and unique designs. All of our diaper cakes are eligible for free standard shipping (usually via UPS Ground). No coupon codes needed. Click here to view our diaper cake selection.


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