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Bonding with your niece or nephew

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Bonding with your niece or nephew

Being an aunt is amazing. There is just no other word to describe it. It's even better when you bond with baby. You don't need to buy gifts in order to bond with your niece or nephew. What you need is some one-on-one time. This way they're not distracted by mom or dad. It doesn't take much to bond with baby, but it helps if the parents are on board with you getting some one-on-one time. So send them on their way to dinner or a movie out and spend a few hours alone with baby. Here are some easy suggestions to help you bond with your new niece or nephew:

  • Snuggle up with baby on your lap and read to him or her.
  • Sing songs & dance together.
  • Play with them. Play peek-a-boo or with toys. They don't care. They just want to play.
  • Take them out for a special meal. This works better during the toddler years or older.
  • Take them out to the movies. Make sure they're ready for it. My son wasn't ready for the movies until he was 3.5. It was longer than some other kids his age waited to go, but he was well behaved. (Unlike the little boy sitting behind us who dumped his candy all over us.)
  • When baby is old enough have them sleep over. Do this at their own pace. If mom & dad need to go somewhere overnight you may want to sleep at their house so baby is in his/her own environment.

Most important (and I'm sure you already know this): lots of eye contact, hugs, smiles and laughs. You'll have a special bond with baby that will last a lifetime.

I love being an aunt! Did you know that we have a Pinterest board dedicated to Awesome Aunts like us? Check it out here: Awesome Aunts on Pinterest.


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