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Baby Shower Tip: Including Baby Registry Information with the Invitation

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What is proper etiquette when including baby registry information with the baby shower invitations?

The answer may surprise you. I'm sure you've received baby shower invitations that have baby registry information directly on the invitation. This is not proper etiquette. The purpose of the baby shower is to celebrate mom-to-be and baby. Including the registry information directly on the invitation implies that bringing a gift is required.

Now, we all know that 99.9% of guests will bring some type of gift and they'd like to know what mom-to-be needs. It IS acceptable to include an enclosure card with the invitation with the registry information. By including an enclosure card you are saying "gifts are not required to attend, however, if you're wondering what mom-to-be might need she's registered here". That is ok. It is also acceptable to not include any registry information and just use word of mouth. That may not be convenient with a larger guest list, but it is possible.

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Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette for including Baby Registry Information


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