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Baby Shower Planning: You won't please everyone

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Imagine a place. It is a majestic, ornate venue with fine art, beautiful furnishings and an ambiance to die for. Within this venue is a gathering filled with people from two sides. These individuals are all there for a reason, a shared purpose, a common goal. Yet, their behavior towards each other shows otherwise. There is bickering, backstabbing, and animosity. Stress levels build on both sides over details that shouldn’t be stressed over. Nothing comes of this gathering except a few forced smiles and comments over how strong the coffee was.

Now begs the question… Am I referring to a session of Congress or a baby shower?

While it is tempting to answer Congress, I believe they no longer smile there, which leaves the baby shower as the answer to my scenario. Having attended two baby showers in my lifetime, I must honestly say that they aren’t as bad as I made them out to sound.

However, the stress, bickering, and politics often found between two families is an ever-present aspect of these types of events. We must remember that while everyone has an opinion regarding how something should look, what kind of food should be served, or who should give a gift worth "x" dollars, that a baby shower isn’t about that. It’s about celebrating the impending arrival of a new baby into the world. This child isn’t going to care which aunt gave him a personalized blanket. Or which grandparent got her a Cabbage Patch Doll (old school is so cool)… The child will love and appreciate everyone he or she meets as much the gifts he or she receives.

So, let’s not emulate Congress. Let’s set a better example and leave the politics home. Enjoy these functions for what they are and what they represent, because before you know it, that baby will be graduating high school and Cabbage Patch Dolls may not suffice any more.

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