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Baby Shower Planning Timeline

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You are going to host a baby shower! How exciting! You have a lot to do. Making deadlines for yourself will help you to stay organized. Here is a general timeline for your baby shower planning.

Many things can be done in an afternoon, such as deciding on a guest list, date, location and budget. You may have to make some phone calls if you're going to have the shower at a restaurant or banquet hall to verify prices & date availability, but it still can be done in a day or two even if you're waiting for a callback. Reserve the date and keep planning!

You should schedule the baby shower about 6-8 weeks before the due date. If you think this is too far in advance have a chat with my son who decided to show up five weeks early. If mom-to-be is having a tough pregnancy then the earlier the date of the shower the better. You never know when that baby wants to show up.

She's Going to Pop Baby Shower Invitations

Send out invitations about 4-5 weeks before the baby shower. This should give guests enough time to add it to their calendar if they are going to attend. That means you should buy baby shower invitations about 6-7 weeks before the shower date. Many places that personalize invitations will need up to a week to do so, plus up to a week for shipping depending on your location. Check with the restaurant (if you made a reservation) for when they'd like a final head count. You want the RSVP date on your invitation to be before that date. Most people will RSVP right away, but there are always a few stragglers.

Once the invitations are sent then you can focus on other details, such as decorations, centerpieces, games and favors. If you buy baby shower games there usually isn't much set up with them. They are ready to play. However, if you're ordering them online you should allow at least a week for shipping. For baby shower favors, if you have them personalized many places need about a week for personalization, plus time for shipping. I would order favors at least 3-4 weeks before your shower date.

Have fun planning your baby shower!


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