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Baby Shower Planning 101

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Baby Shower 101 - What you need to plan a fabulous baby shower

If you can make a grocery list, then you can plan a baby shower! The key here is to be organized. Use this handy post to help you stay organized, remember every detail and pull off the greatest shower (with ease!).

  • Location - Restaurant, at home, banquet hall, etc. You choose the location based on the number of guests and your budget.
  • Food - Restaurants and most banquet halls will include food and drinks in the price. If you host the shower in your home you will need to calculate how much food you will need for your guests.
  • Decorations - will you keep it simple with some balloons and centerpieces or go all out with streamers, confetti, signs, etc.
  • Games - You should have some type of game or activity. Your choices should be based on the number of guests and their personality. Some guests don't respond well to certain games based on personal preferences. I know of many friends who dislike the candy bar game because the chocolates represent poop. Other friends think it's a hysterical game.
  • Favors - These are given to guests as a token of thanks for attending the shower and as a reminder of Mom-to-be's special day if they're personalized. You can show how much thought and effort you put into the shower by personalizing the favors with colors, graphics and your own text.
  • Gifts - You will need a place for guests to put the gifts, pen and paper to write down who got Mommy-to-be which gift to make it easier for her to write thank you notes, and garbage bags for the wrapping paper. You may also want garbage bags to put the gifts in to make it easier for Mommy-to-be to take the gifts home. Just don't get them mixed up with the wrapping paper bags intended for the trash!

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