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Baby Shower Cakes Too Strange to Eat

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At most bridal and baby showers and certainly birthday parties cake is served. When I think of what an ideal cake is I'm thinking vanilla or chocolate cake, nice and moist, covered in sweet icing. Personally, I expect the cake to be decorated tastefully. These baby shower cakes are so strange, but what is stranger is that someone requested them to be decorated like this.

I'm guessing this is a water birth? That's one long umbilical cord!

This cake looks like someone knocked over the baby carriage with the baby still inside.

This cake is supposed to be one of those baby butt cakes (I don't get those either, but to each her own). I guess the butterflies and flowers are supposed to be part of baby's dress, but it looks like someone just dumped them there.

I honestly don't know what this is supposed to be. The colors are odd and it doesn't really look like icing (but I'm sure it is). This one is just weird.

When you make your baby butt cake don't forget to add the lobster.

Ummm, I honestly don't know what this is supposed to be.

Don't they look yummy?


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