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Baby Gift Buying Guide: Security Baby Blankets

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Buying a security blanket for baby

A security blanket is meant to be baby's friend and source of comfort. It's very different from a baby blanket (most times just for warmth). Whatever you may call it a lovey, silky, blankie or a wooby a security blanket for baby is a thoughtful baby gift. It may seem like a simple purchase; you just buy the cutest one, right? Well, there are some features you should look for.

  • Machine washable.This is a MUST. As a baby, he or she will be exploring the security blanket with his or her mouth. And if you have a happy spitter, like I did, it is just going to get gross. As baby gets older, the blanket will go everywhere with him or her. You want to make sure that the blanket can be cleaned.
  • Mickey Mouse Baby Security BlanketSoft. Baby will most likely sleep with this. You don't want any hard pieces that will leave marks or possibly wake baby up if he or she rolls on it.
  • Fun to explore. Just because the blanket is soft doesn't mean it can't be fun to explore. Different materials provide different textures for baby to explore with his or her mouth, skin and hands. The shape of the blanket makes a difference in exploration too. Just look at our Mickey Mouse security blanket. Baby can grab Mickey's ears, nose, hands or the blanket itself. Each part is made with different materials (textured minky, satin, and fine plush).
  • Safe.You don't want details that will fall off and cause harm to baby. If the security blanket is a character then you want to make sure the features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc) are embroidered.

If you take these four things into consideration when buying a security blanket for baby then both baby and parents-to-be will appreciate this baby gift.

Minnie Mouse Baby Security Blanket

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse security blankets have all of these features. Get one of these security blankets for an incredible price! Right now they are 15% off the retail price. Click here for Mickey Mouse or here for Minnie Mouse.


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