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After the Baby Shower

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A Post Baby Shower Guide for Mom-to-be

You've had your baby shower and now you have a pile of gifts to sort through, thank you cards to write and the nursery to finish. What should you tackle first? First, write out your thank you cards. Hopefully, the host already purchased thank you cards and asked your guests to put their addresses on the envelopes. It is such a big help to not have to worry about addressing envelopes. Your host should have also written down the gift you received and the guest who gave you that gift as you were opening them.

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Once you have your thank you cards written you should organize your gifts. Items that won't be used until baby is older should be put away. Items that will be used in the first three months of baby's life should be opened, washed (if applicable) and put away in the nursery. You may think you have some time to get everything organized but you really shouldn't wait too long. Take it from me. I wanted to get everything ready during my scheduled maternity leave (two weeks before my due date), but my son decided to arrive 5 weeks early. While I was in the hospital my husband was scrambling to figure out what needed to be opened or washed or set up. He wasn't at the baby shower so other than the big items he really didn't know what we had. Then we came home from the hospital and I had to adjust to having a newborn and trying to sort through the remainder of the gifts. Not something that is fun to do when you're sleep deprived.

After you've sorted through your gifts you should make a list of any remaining items you feel you'll need from day 1. After your baby is born there will be items that you may need that you wouldn't think of until the moment arrives. Make sure you have plenty of diapers & baby wipes on hand. Babies go through 8-12 diapers per day for the first few months. If you are cloth diapering (big investment up front, but over time less expensive than disposables) prep your diapers and have cloth diaper friendly detergent on hand before baby arrives. If you received a baby diaper cake begin taking it apart so you'll have diapers ready to go. Most diaper cakes use smaller sized diapers so you'll want to start using them right away after your supply from the hospital runs out.

You may also want to prepare at least a week's worth of freezer meals. You're going to be tired and won't want to think about cooking. With my second child I bought a month's worth of pantry items and enough freezer meals for 5 weeks. You don't have to make that much but you'll be surprised how much at least a week's worth of dinners will help you. There are lots of meals that freeze well: meatballs and gravy; Italian sausage and gravy; baked pasta dishes (i.e. ziti or lasagna); soups; pulled pork; meatloaf; marinated meat (the meat marinates as it defrosts & you just have to worry about cooking it); hamburger patties; black bean burgers, pancakes, waffles, French toast and more! Have plenty of frozen sides (veggies and fries), hamburger rolls or Italian bread in the freezer too. Just make sure everything is wrapped properly to avoid freezer burn.

These tips will help you prepare for baby's arrival and hopefully make your first few weeks smooth sailing while also keeping up with baby shower etiquette.

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