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After the Baby Shower - How friends and family can help

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Whether you hosted or attended a baby shower the prep work for mommy-to-be and daddy-to-be isn't done yet. There is plenty to do after the baby shower that would be a great help to the parents to be.

  • Help sort gifts - Ideally, mom-to-be received baby gifts at the baby shower for different stages during baby's first year. Help sort through clothes, organize different sized diapers, toys, etc. and store them where mom & dad won't forget about them.
  • Offer to take the thank you cards to the post office.
  • Help prepare first items for baby. Wash and sanitize bottles, clothes, bedding or toys.
  • How to Help After the Baby Shower

    Help set up the nursery. make the crib, help hang any decor, set up lamps, etc. Stock the changing table with a freshly washed changing pad, wipes, diaper creams and diapers.

  • Prepare freezer meals - Those first few weeks are going to be tiring whether this is a first, second or third child. Prepping freezer meals will ensure that parents and siblings won't be eating cereal because of tiredness or lack of ingredients in the house. Even a week's worth of dinners is helpful.
  • Babysit - If this isn't the first baby offer to watch the other kids. Whether mom and dad need a last date night before baby comes, or someone to watch the kids while shopping for groceries or baby items I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated to have someone watch the kids.

Those first weeks check in to make see if mom & dad need anything from the store or just need a sanity break. They'll appreciate the help even though the baby shower is over.


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