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The Love of a Parent

This quote about the love of a parent is so true. "We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves." ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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Sale! Select Baby Shower Scratch Off Games

Now through Sunday, February 15th, get 17% off of select scratch off baby shower games PLUS free standard shipping. This is a limited time offer. Only good while quantities last!Click on the images below to order your games today!

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Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette

Whether you hand-write your invitations, have personalized baby shower invitations made or send an evite you still need to follow etiquette. This isn't a quick, throw together party. Celebrating mom-to-be and her new baby is a special occasion that deserves thoughtfulness and attention to detail. There are three main things when considering baby shower invitation [...]

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Baby Shower Tip: Custom Baby Shower Favors

Tell your baby shower guests thank you with custom baby shower favors. They show that you put extra thought and care into planning mom-to-be's shower. Save time and money with our great selection of custom baby shower favors. All favors are discounted 15% off MSRP everyday.

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Baby Shower Tip: Baby's Breath Centerpieces

How to have a stylish baby shower without breaking the bank? Try decorating tables with baby's breath. You can find lots of pretty vases or unique jars at craft stores if you don't have any around the house you can use. You can find more unique and inexpensive baby shower decorating ideas on our Baby Shower [...]

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Bonding with your niece or nephew

Being an aunt is amazing. There is just no other word to describe it. It's even better when you bond with baby. You don't need to buy gifts in order to bond with your niece or nephew. What you need is some one-on-one time. This way they're not distracted by mom or dad. It doesn't [...]

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I'll love you forever

I love this quote from the book "I'll love you forever". If you're a parent you know exactly what these words mean. If you're a parent-to-be then you're in store for something beyond words.

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It's Superbowl Time

Admittedly, I don't follow football. But my 10 year old stepson does. Although he isn't a die-hard fan of any one given team, he does enjoy watching it. So this Superbowl Sunday I'm not going to have the usual dinner for my family. I think we're going to have a Superbowl party instead. I've created [...]

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The birth of the mother

I love this quote about the birth of the mother.

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Baby Shower Favors: DIY vs. Buying Online

We've all seen the pins on Pinterest. You know the ones that look so awesome and make you think this DIY craft is going to be so easy. This applies to baby shower favors found on Pinterest too. There are some cool ideas there, but do you know what really goes into making your own [...]

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