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Pinterest Pin of the Week: Babies are Sweet Game

This Pinterest pin has been quite popular lately. It's our Babies are Sweet baby shower game in a nautical design. To play this game guests need to match the baby phrase with the correct candy name. Imagine your guests challenging each other to see who will have all the correct answers first in order to [...]

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Pinterest Board of the Week: Books for Kids

This week we're featuring our Pinterest board of kids books. When you're buying books for baby don't just buy something they can use right away. You want them to love reading when they're older and that starts with reading them a variety of books, including paperback books. As they get older and can hold the [...]

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Baby Shower Planning: You won't please everyone

Imagine a place. It is a majestic, ornate venue with fine art, beautiful furnishings and an ambiance to die for. Within this venue is a gathering filled with people from two sides. These individuals are all there for a reason, a shared purpose, a common goal. Yet, their behavior towards each other shows otherwise. There [...]

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Trendy Notes of Advice Cards

Watch your baby shower guests share their knowledge with mom-to-be as they fill out these advice cards. When the shower is over collect these cards and create a keepsake for mom-to-be. You can tie them together with a beautiful ribbon, put them into a decorated box or put them into a photo album. Our Notes [...]

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12 Non-Food Easter Basket Ideas for Baby

Holidays are so much fun when kids are little. Babies don't really need sweets and quite frankly, I don't even give my older kids too many sweets in their Easter baskets either. I also try to avoid plush toys. Yes, they are cute, but we have too many as it is and unless it's something [...]

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Pinterest Board of the Week: Baby Shower Food

One thing that makes a party memorable is food. It is something everyone partakes in and, hopefully, everyone enjoys. There are different kinds of food you could serve at baby showers: buffet, brunch, sit down lunch, casual barbecue, appetizers & dips or even a dessert only menu. You can find lots of delicious food ideas [...]

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Baby Shower Tip: Including Baby Registry Information with the Invitation

What is proper etiquette when including baby registry information with the baby shower invitations?The answer may surprise you. I'm sure you've received baby shower invitations that have baby registry information directly on the invitation. This is not proper etiquette. The purpose of the baby shower is to celebrate mom-to-be and baby. Including the registry information [...]

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Celebrity baby shower like Haylie Duff. Learn how to throw one yourself.

Hilary Duff & her mom, Susan Colleen, hosted a baby shower for her sister Haylie. Have you seen the pics? This baby shower screams spring and fun! Flowers, sweet drinks, desserts and don’t forget the ice cream! This baby shower doesn’t look difficult to put together. Decorations: flowers, flowers and more flowers. There were flowers everywhere. Flowers in tin [...]

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Buying Personalized Baby Shower Invitations Online

Personalized baby shower invitations set the tone for a beautiful and special shower. Your guests enjoy seeing something a little different and the mom-to-be is touched by your efforts! Searching online for personalized invitations will often take you to an Etsy store. BUT they are not the only site who offer unique baby shower [...]

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The Power of a Hug

A hug. It seems such a simple thing to do but it can have such an impact on people. A hug can help a boo-boo feel better. A hug can brighten someone's day. A hug can comfort someone. I love hugging my family, especially my kids. It's amazing what the power of my hug can [...]

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