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6 Spring Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Spring symbolizes many things, the renewal of life by plants and animals... And of birth itself. It is also full of wonderful colors and animals that can be incorporated into a baby shower theme without breaking the bank. The easiest theme idea is to use color. Spring is full of baby friendly pastel colors: blue, pink, [...]

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How to Create a Candy Bar

A "candy bar" is a sweet way to celebrate your baby shower. We're not talking chocolate bars here, but a wonderful display of all your favorite sweet treats! Candy bars are popping up at baby showers, weddings, and even birthday parties. Online shopping provides party planners with an assortment of options to suit any "taste" [...]

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Winter Favor - So Easy to Make It's Almost Foolproof

A great baby shower favor for a winter baby shower is instant hot cocoa mix. Instead of buying some packets from the store it is easy to make your own with this recipe. Put them in baby food jars for that extra special touch. For this favor you will need: baby food jars fabric cut into [...]

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10 Etiquette Questions Answered

A common worry about hosting a baby shower, as with any party, is to avoid any faux pas. Many people fail to realize that times change and what once was a no-no, is now the norm. Who Should Host a Baby Shower? At one time etiquette stated that mothers and sisters of [...]

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Clothesline Baby Shower Theme

Putting together a baby shower theme doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple things like colors or even baby clothes can be a theme. Even though most modern moms use clothes dryers today, a baby clothesline baby shower theme is an adorable idea for any gender. There are quite a few clothesline baby shower favor ideas [...]

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