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7 Baby Shower Games That Don't Suck

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I’ve seen the pins on Pinterest "Baby Shower Games that Don’t Suck” or “Baby Shower Games that are Actually Fun”. I wonder how different these games are from other suggestions I’ve seen or written myself about. I click out of curiosity, but as usual I am disappointed. It’s the same games: measure mommy’s tummy, guess baby’s gender, blindfolded diaper changing.

What people don’t realize is that everyone doesn’t like every type of game. Your more interactive games are going to be enjoyed by a younger crowd. Some guests may get disgusted by the smell the dirty diaper game (yes, it’s only a candy bar, but there are people who are disgusted by what it represents: poop). Some guests just want to sit, talk and watch mom-to-be open her gifts instead of getting up and participating in a race to drop a ping pong ball into a jar pretending their pregnant and need to pee.

There are some games that may make mom-to-be uncomfortable. Have you heard of “Measure Mommy’s Belly”? You take toilet paper or string and guess how long you need it to be to wrap around mom-to-be’s belly. Some women are uncomfortable with that game. I remember at my cousin’s baby shower she was red with embarrassment as guest after guest tried to measure her belly. She was so uncomfortable about it.

Here are some games that may not be for everyone, but if you have a variety of each type, will be entertaining for most of your guests.

Don't Say Baby Pacifier Baby Shower Game

Don’t Say Baby – also known as the pacifier game if you use pacifier necklaces. This can be played using clothespins (not my preference as they may leave marks on clothes), pacifier necklaces, safety pins or whatever you can imagine that someone can wear. Any age or gender can play. It’s inexpensive and it can be played for the entire shower or for a set time period (i.e. opening gifts).

Baby Gift Bingo Fun Baby Shower Game

Baby Bingo – Whether you buy a game or create your own game boards this one is a classic. Have pre-filled boards or have guests write down what gifts they think mom-to-be will receive and see who gets bingo first.

Baby Price is Right – Guests guess how much baby related items cost. The guest with the closest total wins. This does require set up & purchasing baby items (diapers, wipes, jar of food or formula, etc.) for display.

Guess that Baby – Ask guests to bring in baby pictures of themselves when they were babies. Display on a board with a number next to their picture. Have guests try to guess who is who.

Advice for Mom – Guests write down advice for mom-to-be. This is an easy activity and mom-to-be will enjoy reading what friends and family wrote for her.

My Water Broke Fun Baby Shower Game

My Water Broke – Freeze plastic babies in an ice cube tray. Guests place the baby in a cup or baggie and try to get their baby to break free first. You can set the rules that they can try to encourage the ice to melt faster or nature has to take its course.

Baby Draw Fun Pictionary-like Baby Shower Game

Baby Draw – This is the baby version of Pictionary. Your guests will work together on teams trying to figure out the baby related drawings that each team will make. It requires some paper and pens/pencils, but is a fun interactive game to play.

These may not be one of those crazy get up and feed another guest baby food while blindfolded game, but they are activities that are good for showers that have guests of different ages and that have different ideas of fun.

Because everyone has their own idea of what's fun, we offer variety and great prices! Explore BabyShowerDepot.com today and your shower will be a hit!

7 Baby Shower Games that Really Don't Suck


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