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1st Birthday Photos

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Best of Times Baby Pictures

If you're not aware we're on Pinterest board. I'm usually busy pinning cool baby shower ideas, but there are things that do catch my eye. One of them goes by a few names: "Best of Times" or "A Moment in Time". I've seen them with newborn pictures, current photos (shown here) or with clocks accompanying them. I love these ideas. The problem I have with these ideas (especially the newborn one, which I liked) is that I don't have any good newborn photos of my stepson. But thanks to my Father-in-Law we did find a good picture of my stepson when he was 1. 

With that in hand I had some extra photos of my son & daughter from their 1st birthday portraits. I decided to modify this idea and make it about their 1st birthdays. While I like the clock idea with the time permanently set to their birth times I really don't have the wall space for that.

So here's my 1st birthday project. I like how it came out. What do you think?

1st Birthday Photo Collage - Baby Shower Depot


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