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10 Must Have Baby Registry Items for Breastfeeding Moms

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You might be looking for a list of must-have breastfeeding items for your baby registry, or you may just want to know what you'll need if you're a first time breastfeeding mom. Here are some suggestions from some moms, including myself, that we found useful. (Note: there are items listed here if you intend to pump)

  • Nursing Pillow - I only used mine for the first few months, but it did come in handy when my kids were newborns.
  • Lanolin - This soothing cream should only be used with disposable nursing pads. It can ruin reusable ones.
  • Nursing Pads - disposable & reusable. I use the reusable pads as often as I can, but I do have disposable ones for when I need to use lanolin.
  • Pump - if you are only going to pump occasionally then you'll be OK with a single pump (manual or electric). If you're going to pump frequently then save yourself the headache and get an electric double pump. Most pumps will also come with multiple sized flanges, a storage bag, ice pack and storage bottles.
  • Hands Free Pumping bra - trust me, if you're going to pump you need this. Holding the flanges in place gets old quick.
  • Nursing cover - this is optional, but if you're not comfortable nursing in public, then this is a must. I didn't buy a nursing cover, but I used a very large receiving blanket. Note: once my daughter reached about 4 months she would try to pull the blanket off. Not very convenient when I nursed her in public. So you may want to invest in a nursing cover.
  • Undercover Mama Strapless Camisole - If you're going to nurse in front of others, whether in public or at someone's house these are a must. They attach to your nursing bra and you can use any shirt over it (it doesn't have to be a nursing shirt). Essentially, it turns an ordinary top into a nursing top. Plus, it saves you the embarrassment of showing your belly when nursing in a regular top. I loved these & I'm so glad my sister-in-law introduced me to them.
  • Storage Bags - Perfect for freezer storage.
  • Nursing & sleep bras - You can nurse in a regular bra (I've done it at home), but it's sooo much easier to use a nursing bra. A sleep bra is perfect for using nursing pads at night. Waking up to leaks is the worst.
  • Bottles (if pumping) - try to find ones that mimic the shape of the breast to avoid "nipple confusion".

Do you think we missed something? What is your favorite feeding must-have item?


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