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Sibling Gifts - Don't Forget Big Brothers Or Sisters!


Big Brother & Big Sister Gifts

Everyone emphasizes the baby or mom-to-be at the shower. With all the preparations prior to the new arrival, siblings may feel left out. This is especially true for a new brother or sister. Help make them feel included in the celebration by emphasizing the fact that they are becoming a "big brother" or "big sister". A big brother or big sister gift is a great way to make them feel special.

Here is a great idea for older siblings:

  • Purchase a pull wagon (Radio Flyer, Little Tikes, Step2, etc) OR purchase a doll's baby carriage or stroller
  • Fill the wagon, carriage or stroller with toys, games, coloring books, clothes, etc, that brother or sister may like
  • Include some things that mom may find useful... items such as "My Big Brother" or "My Big Sister" frames or photo albums, bibs or onesies that say "I Love My Big Brother" or "I Love My Big Sister".

Should you feel that this is too large of a gift, you can also scale down the size of the gift by creating a smaller gift basket. Select a fun or functional basket and fill it with fun things for baby's new sibling(s). The basket can then be used in their bedroom, playroom, laundry room, or the new baby's nursery.

Even though big brother or sister will get a gift from mom & dad, grandparents or aunts & uncles it is really important for the new baby to get them a gift too even if it's a small one. Big brother/sister needs to know how important they are to the baby too.

Be creative with ribbons, bows, tulle, or other fun fillers/decorations for the gift. With so much attention being lavished on the new baby this gift will surely make a new brother or sister feel special!


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