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Baby's New Clothes Shower Activity


Baby shower games and activities are great ways for guests to interact with each other, have fun and fill up time. Instead of the same baby shower bingo or don’t say baby game why not tap into your guests creativity. Your guests can decorate onesies for baby. This is a creative way to get baby’s wardrobe off to a good start. This activity is great for a shower for twins, triplets or quadruplets.

You will need the following supplies for this activity: solid color onesies in a variety of sizes and fabric markers. There are two ways for guests to participate in this activity. You can simply hand out the onesies at the guest tables and have the fabric markers for guests to share. An alternative is to have a table dedicated to decorating and guests can take turns decorating the onesies.

If you do not purchase extras in case of errors make sure your guests know. They can easily turn an attempt at a truck into a geometric design. Designs do not need to be complicated. A simple flower or construction hat is a great design for a onesie. If you have a large number of guests you may want to purchase extra fabric markers – two sets per table should be enough for parties of 30 or more.

Don’t just limit yourself to white onesies. Purchase an assortment of infant clothing for guests to decorate. You can supply guests with white or pastel colored bibs, infant gowns, or lap shirts. Don’t forget to include mommy to be in this activity. She can create a special outfit for her little one(s).




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