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There are a few things that make scratch-off games the perfect baby shower game. First, they require no prep work. You open the package, shuffle the cards and hand them out to guests (or leave at their place settings). That’s it. You can’t get easier than that.

Second, any age can play them. This is especially great when you have guests of different ages attending. And, if you have younger guests these are appropriate for them to play as well.

Third, baby shower scratch-off games are really easy to play. It’s just like a lottery scratch-off card. Guests use a coin to scratch the silver area revealing a winning or losing card. The only difference is that instead of a cash prize you provide a prize (although you could provide a cash prize if you choose).

Fourth, for me this is important, everyone has different tastes and different ideas of what is funny. Baby shower scratch-offs do not embarrass anyone like some other baby shower games do. This is a big deal for some people – it could be difference between someone enjoying the baby shower and counting the minutes until it’s over.

We offer a number of different baby shower scratch-off cards and the best part is they all ship for FREE in the continental US. You don’t even need to have a minimum purchase to score this deal! The hardest part will be deciding which design is right for your baby shower!


Baby Shower Scratch-Off Cards


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