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How to Create a Candy Bar


A "candy bar" is a sweet way to celebrate your baby shower. We're not talking chocolate bars here, but a wonderful display of all your favorite sweet treats! Candy bars are popping up at baby showers, weddings, and even birthday parties. Online shopping provides party planners with an assortment of options to suit any "taste" - yes that pun was intended.

There are several ways to tie in a candy bar to your baby shower. First, color coordinate your candy. Choose candy that compliments your color scheme. You can find foil wrapped chocolates, jelly beans, gummy bears, M&Ms, hard candy, etc, that come in many different colors. Many online retailers will sell candy in bulk, in a single color or an assortment of colors. Second, choose candies that are mom-to-be's favorites - not yours! So find out what they are. Third, have a hugs & kisses candy bar. Hershey's now makes so many different types of Kisses that you can provide guests with variety while sticking with a theme.

Keep in mind that you can still have a candy bar even if you are on a budget. Buy bulk candy. If you are on a budget keep your selection small...maybe 4-6 different types of candies, especially if you are going to supplement the candy bar with cake.

Once you have chosen the types of candies that you would like in your candy bar there are other details that need to be addressed. You can display your candy bar as a buffet or as centerpieces on the tables. Choose containers of varying height to display the candy. You will need serving spoons for any unwrapped candy. If you are serving a buffet candy bar, choose a table cloth color that will compliment your color scheme. For example, if your scheme is green, choose a chocolate brown or pink table cloth. If you would like your guests to take the candy home as favors provide them with cello bags or Chinese food take out boxes. You can get either at craft stores.

Keep in mind that you don't want too many sweets at your shower. Cake and a candy bar would be sufficient. Having cookies or a Viennese table would be overkill... A candy bar, however, would be a unique and personal touch to your baby shower.

By: Christina Crea


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