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Baby Advice Cards Shower Activity


Baby showers can last from two to four hours. Baby showers are full of activities; from chatting with friends and family to eating to playing games and opening gifts. Baby shower games are a great way to break the ice and include your guests in the baby shower fun.

One baby shower activity that all of your guests can participate in is to complete baby advice cards or booklets. Think about it - everyone has something to say. They may even have some unique knowledge that someone wouldn't think to tell mom-to-be. Why not have friends and family of the guest of honor give her advice? Your baby shower guests will have different levels of parenting experience. There are sure to be some insightful, and possibly humorous, advice for mom-to-be.

You don't have to break the bank for this activity. You can purchase lined index cards in white or colors. There are also very affordable baby shower advice cards. Have your guests complete the advice cards when they arrive. Instruct your guests to place the completed cards in one location or collect them at a set time. While mom to be is busy enjoying her shower have a friend help you put the advice cards in a decorated box, a recipe card box, or a photo album.

Present the box or album to mom to be towards the end of her shower as a gift from her guests. Not only will she have a wonderful gift, but she will have a sentimental keepsake created by the people that she cares about.


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