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6 Tips For Staying Within Your Baby Shower Budget


6 Tips for Staying Within your Baby Shower Budget

Planning any event with a budget in mind makes life easier. Baby showers are no exception. When it comes to planning for a little arrival it is easy to get carried away with all the cute items for both baby and the shower. Your budget can help you to organize your baby shower planning.

Here are six tips to help you with your baby shower budget:

  1. Create a guest list. This will give you an idea of the number of guests for the shower. Once you have a preliminary number of guests you can price locations, menus, favors, or decide to host the shower at home. If the list is very big you can decide whether it can be cut down.
  2. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. If you are hosting the shower at a restaurant or banquet hall try to negotiate pricing. If you speak to a manager you may be able to negotiate a lower price for not serving alcohol, or serving specific dishes which may cost less to prepare.
  3. Be aware of extra fees. If you bring your own cake some places will charge a cake cutting fee per person. When signing a contract check to see if gratuity and taxes are included in the per person price.
  4. See what extras are included. Some places will decorate with colored linens or balloons in your preferred colors.
  5. Bigger isn't always better. You don't need expensive favors or decorations to host an elegant baby shower.
  6. Timing is everything. Planning a brunch or afternoon tea will save money over a late afternoon buffet or sit down dinner.

Be creative and try to stay as close to your budget as you can. It's ok to go over budget slightly, but be realistic. That is why you created a budget in the first place.


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