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Don’t ruin the fun of your baby shower by playing these games. Not every guest has the same sense of humor or idea of what fun is. Here are the 5 worst baby shower games to play:

Candy Diaper Game – Melted chocolate that is supposed to look like poop. And you’re supposed to get your nose in there and smell it to identify the candy. It represents poop. That’s just gross.

Chug/Drink from a Baby Bottle Race – This game might be fun if you’re living in a frat house. Grownups chugging any beverage from a baby bottle looks painful. If you didn’t plan this right and it’s a slow flow bottle this game could take longer than expected and frustrate guests (if they’re even willing to play). How is this fun?

Measure Mommy’s Tummy – What a way to make mom-to-be feel self-conscious about her growing belly. While pregnancy is a beautiful thing there are some women who are not comfortable with the size of their belly. Whether it’s they didn’t expect to gain as much weight as they did or they’re just not feeling well, they may not appreciate guests wrapping ribbon or worse, toilet paper, around their bellies to see who came closest.

Diaper Change Race – This is done with a baby doll or a balloon. Who can change baby’s diaper the quickest? This is labeled as a fun game for a co-ed shower because there’s an assumption that men can’t change a diaper. Why is everything about the diapers?

Tinkle in the Pot – Can we get away from the potty games? Seriously. Two people have a ping pong ball between their knees and must race to a bucket (the pot) to drop the ball in. The ball represents pee & trying to make it to the pot in time represents the issues that some pregnant woman have with incontinence. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

When you invite guests to a baby shower, they are probably a diverse group of friends and family. They have different interests and ideas of what is fun. If your goal is to look for interactive games that get guests up and moving there are plenty games that don’t require you to sniff the chocolate poop or chug from a baby bottle. That’s not everyone’s "cup of tea"! 

You want your guests to walk away thinking that was the best shower they've been to. You don't want them running for the doors, glad it's over!

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5 of the Worst Baby Shower Games to Play


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