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5 Baby Shower Decorating Ideas


Decorations turn an everyday room into an occasion. Decorating for a baby shower doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Keep things simple and stick to a theme. Themes can be colors, animals, baby items or decoration themes. Having too many themes at your baby shower will make it seem unorganized. Colors work well with other themes. For example, pink & green colors with a frog theme.

Let us first focus on the tables. Whether a buffet table, a table for your guests to sit at or a gift table, you will need to cover them with fabric or plastic table covers. While I am not opposed to plastic table covers, make sure they are thick enough so you can't see through to the table below. Fabric table covers can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of tables. Most party rental stores will rent fabric table covers.

Now that your tables are covered you can decorate them. Centerpieces create a focal point on the table. I went to a baby shower where they had a round table with a 5" high by 4" wide centerpiece. The table was 60" so it looked so empty. Take the size of your table into consideration. You can purchase something that mom to be can use such as a baby sock bouquet or diaper cake. You can have your favors as a centerpiece such as a lollipop bouquet or create a ring of favor bags or candles. Other table decorations, such as confetti, are optional.

If you are catering your baby shower make sure you put out plates, napkins, cups, and utensils. If you are using disposable plates and utensils make sure they will be sturdy enough so they won't break.

I love balloon bouquets. All you need are some latex balloons. Bunch them up in groups of 5-6 balloons. Mix up the colors - pink & green, pink & white, blue & yellow, blue & white, etc. You can even substitute a Mylar baby shower balloon for one of the latex balloons. Weigh down the balloon bouquet with a balloon weight. Balloons, ribbon and balloon weights can be found at most party supply stores. Place balloons strategically around the room. I have to say that I'm not a fan of balloons on the floor. You run the risk of someone tripping on them and hurting themselves.

Walls can be decorated with baby shower banners or homemade posters of baby pictures of guests, mommy-to-be or daddy-to-be.

Decorating for a baby shower can be easy, inexpensive and fun. Be creative, keep things simple and enjoy your baby shower!


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