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Try These 3 Exciting Games at Your Next Baby Shower!


Games or activities are necessary for any baby shower. You will have guests who all know mom-to-be, but do not necessarily know each other. Baby shower games or activities give all the opportunity to warm up to each other as well as fill in some time between eating and gifts.

An easy game to play is
Don't Say Baby. This game can be played many ways. Guests are given something that can be worn - such as pacifier necklaces or clothespins. Instruct players that throughout the shower they need to listen to see if other guests say the word "baby". If a player catches someone saying "baby" then she can take her necklace or clothespin. You can limit the time the game is played (i.e. only during gifts) or guests can play for the entire length of the shower. Another way to play this game is to catch guests crossing their legs instead of catching them saying "baby". The winner is the guest that has the most necklaces or clothespins.

Another game is
Pin the Pacifier on the Baby. This interactive game is a spin off of the traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey party game. You will need a poster sized picture of a baby and some pacifier chips. This game is available online for purchase and is probably quicker and cheaper to purchase rather than try to make the game yourself. The object of this game is to attach the pacifier as close to the baby's mouth as possible.

Lastly, there is the
My Water Broke Game. You will need an ice cube tray and some plastic babies. Make sure the babies that you purchase will fit in each of the compartments of the ice cube tray. Freeze one baby in water in each ice cube tray compartment. Give each guest an ice cube in either a plastic zipper bag or a plastic cup. Guests need to do whatever it takes to free their baby from the ice - they can sit on the baggies, warm the cups with their hands, or even suck on the ice cubes to melt them faster. The first guest to free their baby from the ice shouts "My Water Broke"!



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